In the past, it was tough for business owners to market their businesses online without a website.  However, with technology developing at a frantic pace, many options to sell online without a site are coming up. Below are the best ways you can start your online store free without a website.

How to create online store free without a website: Start selling on eBay

Ebay, is with no doubt, one of the superb e-commerce websites where business owners can go to create a store, start selling and make quick profits. Lots of people visit each day to look for products and services, which makes it a prime platform to create your online store free and start selling. eBay allows you to create you’re your online store for free, but they cut a small percentage as commission.

How to create online store free without a website: You Can Use KartRocket

KartRocket offers you the opportunity to create your online store using its domain. This saves you lots of money that you would have used to buy a domain name to create a website. You also get all the necessary online features to run your online store conveniently.

It also allows you to upload your products and pricing without a hassle. All you need to do is create your online store and start selling.

How to create online store free without a website: You Can Use Ecwid

Ecwid e-commerce platform provides you with the ability to create online store free via Facebook. The Facebook store created with Ecwid allows you to connect with billions of people on the platform worldwide.

Additionally, it permits you to add your online store to your personal Facebook page and sell your products. Ecwid is very easy to set up and maintain.

How to create online store free without a website: Use a Starter Sit

A starter site allows you to set up your own online store with your domain name. It also llows you to upload your business logo and decorate your online store with your chosen colors. When using it, you are provided with unlimited opportunity to sell on social networks.

You can easily import your products into your store and also set up payments for your items.


Many business owners are shifting from physical stores to e-commerce businesses. Therefore, to easily establish an online store without going through the trouble of creating a website, the techniques mentioned above will guarantee quick and straightforward set up. Try them out and find out which one works for you.