What is The Difference between Ecommerce Website Builder and Ecommerce Platform

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When it comes to building your own ecommerce site you have two options – you can choose ecommerce platform or an ecommerce website builder. Read and discover the difference between these two terms.

If you are planning to build your own ecommerce site you have probably seen a lot of different website builders as possible options to use. Each of the website builders you see on the web offer ecommerce through their solution.

There are also lots of platforms that are dedicated specifically to ecommerce and these platforms help businesses build and design their own online store. Some of the most popular platforms are Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. However, these platforms are expensive than website builders. You probably are asking why? Well, this is because of extra security, safety, and fraud protection, however, it is also because the main focus of ecommerce websites is to promote your online store and sell your items. There is a visible ROI and a perceived worth which means that users are willing to pay extra to enjoy that value.

What exactly is the difference between ecommerce website builders and ecommerce platforms? Here are a few of the main differences you should know about:

  • Application Integration – The ecommerce website builders have lots of application add-ons for absolutely anything you need, for example, sales, marketing, shipping, upselling, inventory management, social media, discount codes, customer service, and etc. Many of these applications are free of charge and there are premium apps as well. Some of the best apps we highly recommend you to use are Aftership (a free app) an app that allows you to check the shipments and send delivery updates directly to the customers, Plug in SEO (a free app) which allows you to check your online store for problems that could possibly affect your performance, and Sweet Tooth Loyalty Reward Points (a free app) that helps you to present a referral program and reward points with your customers to motivate them to come back.
  • The website builders such as Squarespace and others come with basic tools and there is no application integration or online store customization. You can track basic inventory with Wix or Squarespace, however, with an ecommerce website builder such as Shopify you can integrate apps with your store that will allow customers to see where their delivery product is, remove inventory goods from your store, reorder materials when your inventory is low, and etc. Check out how can you integrate your apps, by clicking on https://www.shopify.ca/tour/ecommerce-website/
  • Payment Systems and POS Integration – The website builders usually have 1-3 payment options, for example, PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. The ecommerce platform BigCommerce offers 40 payment gateways. The ecommerce platforms include a POS or Point of Sale system in their service or as an app add-on. The POS system helps you to integrate the process of tracking your inventory in-store or online. In other words, the ecommerce platform can update you if a certain product is out-of-stock.
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So, what is the best option for you and your online business?

Well, if any of the features we mentioned above sound like something you might sell your items online, an ecommerce platform is definitely a solution worth looking into. On the other side, if the main focus of your online store will be selling online, then an ecommerce solution is definitely the right choice. If you are interested in selling online, however, your business is characterized by these few elements, then an ecommerce website builder is an appropriate solution for you:

  • I won’t be selling many items online
  • I’m not looking for a store or checkout customization
  • I intend to make regular content or blog posts on my business website

Even if you already have and use an ecommerce solution, we highly recommend you to take a step back and consider your options.